His and Her Sunglass Preview


Christian Dior brand is one of the most long standing and popular sunglass companies. Shown here is the “cat eye” look. This style mimics old Hollywood and is considered a classically chic look. One of many women’s frames in stock right now at Haddonfield Vision. Check back for more Dior.

Ray Ban

Ray Ban is one of the most recognizable sunglass brands, and Polarized frames offer increased comfortability to the user. Whether it is sunlight or snow glare, polarized lenses offer better protection as well as making it easier to see. Ray Ban has many great sunglass styles for men, as the shapes are simple and flattering to most faces. In stock now at Haddonfield Vision.

Check back soon for more sunglasses! Huge stock to be posted in preparation for summer vacation.


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  1. Ray Ban sunglasses will keep leading the fashion in the market. To create stylish and function, Ray Ban is always a leading brand for eyeglasses. For the function, sunglasses should not only has the function protect the eyes but also is a accessory that increase the attractive appearance for wearer. Ray Ban sunglasses is well-known in fashion and classic, high-tech function, and a symbol of taste.

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